Temporary Fencing is one of the best ways to keep an area secure, which is why it’s quite handy for construction sites, special events, and even emergency situations.

To a passerby, fencing is an obvious barrier telling people they can’t cross, and if it’s tall enough or solid, that it’s something that they can’t even climb or look through.

But that doesn’t mean that they won’t get curious about what’s behind the wall. In fact, building up curiosity and generating public interest can be a very good thing if a company wants to get people talking and even get them excited.

Businesses can also find other value in temporary fencing beyond basic functionality.

  • Make things mysterious. When you first put the fencing up, make it nearly impossible to see what’s behind. Then add to the confusion with enticing messages like “Something amazing is coming soon” or questions like “What’s behind the fence?” This will get people wondering what’s going on and talking to each other. Even local media might speculate further to get the rumor mill going, especially if it’s in a prominent location.
  • Vary surroundings. If your fencing extends in all four directions, have something interesting on every side which can encourage people to walk around and look at the whole thing. This can include details about a local community.
  • Make a special announcement. Eventually you’ll have to reveal what’s coming, something which you can also feature on the fencing. Consider putting a rendering of what the completed project could look like on the fence or nearby. A favorite restaurant? A new retailer? A big building?
  • Offer space to sponsors/partners. It’s good form to include signs on temporary fencing pointing out building contractors and suppliers or whatever institution provided financing for your project. But you can expand on this by offering the opportunity for others you want to associate with to display their brand.