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Block & Panel Fence Rental

When you need a barrier, you may not be willing to have ground damage or holes that require patching later. But, in order to keep out unwanted pedestrians, you need a secure barrier. Block and panel fencing provides a secure and temporary solution to help keep people out of your construction or event spaces.

Block and panel fencing in Rhode Island and New Hampshire allows the barrier to sit securely in heavy blocks that will not move or give way. This allows for an easier setup and temporary fencing that won’t require in-ground installation. It will still stand up to harsh elements, high winds and potential vandals.

Event Block & Panel Fence Rental

We know fencing is expensive and takes a lot to store. If you are creating a construction project or hosting an event in the New England area, you might need fencing to provide barriers.

The fencing could also be used to keep people out of the wrong areas of events. You may use barriers to keep people away from athletes, musicians or off parade routes. New England temporary block fencing can even be used to help protect environments for conservation or restoration.

Temporary fencing can be used to help people follow the right course or stay out of the areas they aren’t allowed to walk through. The block and panel style allows for fencing to be see-through or covered with a privacy barrier.

Construction Block & Panel Fence Rental

There are a number of options for building a barrier to protect your site. A block and panel fence offers extremely fast setup and mobility options. Our crews will deliver and set up the fence quickly for a temporary barrier to protect your site. We have even worked with clients to move the barrier throughout the duration of a construction project.

These fences can be quickly set up and moved with very little effort. We transport our block and panel fencing on trucks to your location and our trained crew puts them together quickly. We’ve been able to set up two miles of fence at a time.

With block and panel fencing, the heavy blocks are simply set on the ground and then the fences are inserted. This is a convenient solution for barriers that don’t require in-ground stability. These barriers are typically best for locations that won’t face a lot of break-ins. They are secure, but not to the level of in-ground posts. We provide both panel and pounded fencing options.

If you are highly concerned about pedestrians trying to scale your barrier, you may need a cement base and barbed wire top to keep everyone out.

You can use privacy screens for a quick solution that will deter most of the public. If people can’t see the other side, they tend to be less likely to feel tempted to trespass.

  • Protect your property and visitors
  • Reduce injury risk and liability
  • Quick installations & removal
  • No digging or pavement damage
  • Easy to relocate & stackable
  • Low cost

Block & Panel

Pedestrian Fence

Why Choose Mobile Fencing

We are a highly agile small business located in Providence, RI. We serve the Rhode Island area, as well as areas throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine. Our goal is to ensure every client is happy during the project with the kind of temporary barrier needed for any event or construction project. We have over 250 miles of fencing for various project types.

We are able to adapt to the needs of our clients. We’ve had requests for fences that are higher and installed in-ground. You need a company that isn’t stuck to a stringent way of doing business. We have standard pricing packages, but we also work with our clients if they have unusual requests or project needs.

Contact Mobile Fencing Rentals

For more information on how Mobile Fencing can help with your temporary fencing needs, contact us today.

From pedestrian fencing and barricade rental to block and panel to the more conventional chain link fence, we’re your source for fencing projects of any size and scope.

Mobile Fencing Rental

If you are looking for fencing rental solutions in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut or Massachusetts, we can help. Our company is a small and agile business that is ready to help you with solutions for temporary fencing. The team that installs your fence cares about their work and providing top-notch experiences for our clients

You need partners you can trust who will be able to meet your needs and align with your schedule. We take customer service seriously. Our locations in Providence, Rhode Island and Hooksett, New Hampshire are ready to field your questions and dispatch crews as needed.


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