Temporary fencing has various uses in agricultural settings and it is becoming more popular as a cost-effective solution for farmers and ranchers. Mobile Fencing Inc. of New England offers temporary fence options that are ideal for containing livestock, protecting property, keeping wildlife away, and creating grazing areas. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of using temporary fence for agricultural purposes.

Containing Livestock

Temporary fencing can be used in agricultural settings to contain and control livestock such as cattle or sheep. Portable corral panels are very durable and they are an ideal solution when you need to quickly contain animals in an area that may not have been fenced before. If you need to move your animals to different pastures or enclosures, then temporary fencing is also great because it can quickly be taken down and moved elsewhere.

Protecting Property

Temporary fences are also useful for protecting property from wildlife or other animals that could cause damage or harm to crops or land. This type of fencing can also be used to keep larger animals such as deer away from an enclosed area, preventing them from eating any vegetation inside the fencing perimeter. This ensures that your crops remain safe until harvest without having to worry about other animals getting into the field and causing damage.

Creating Grazing Areas

Grazing areas are important for any farm or ranch, but it can be difficult to create these areas with permanent fences due to their expense and labor requirements. Temporary fences provide a great solution here since they can easily be put up when needed, creating a designated space for grazing animals without the need for expensive construction materials or labor costs associated with permanent fencing solutions. Additionally, the flexibility of temporary fences allows you to easily adjust the size of your grazing area depending on the season or how much land you need covered at any given time.

Mobile Fencing of New England

Mobile Fencing Inc provides all types of temporary fence solutions designed for agricultural use cases ranging from portable corral panels to electric netting systems that keep livestock where you want them while providing safety and security measures against intruding wildlife at an affordable price point compared with traditional permanent fencing solutions. Whether you need portable corral panels to contain cattle or electric netting systems to protect your property from wildlife, Mobile Fencing Inc has a solution that will meet your needs at a fraction of the cost!