B-Quip Temporary Fence now Mobile Fencing Inc.

What Is Temporary Fencing Good For?

Temporary fencing provides security and organization for spaces including: construction and remodeling projects, indoor and outdoor events, festivals, emergency services, and businesses. Secure your building and equipment, direct visitors to proper entrances and exits, designate parking, stop passersby from entering work zones, and more.

Our fence panels stand securely on virtually any surface. Our fencing is 6′ high and 11’6″ wide and secured by 55-lb reusable, unbreakable rubber anchors. Simply place the anchors and fit the fencing into the preset holes. Our temporary fencing solutions are durable enough to withstand tampering and inclement weather. They also look professional and attractive. It takes only two people to install our fencing, and we’ll gladly do it for you upon request.

We also offer steel pedestrian barrier for all your events.  Our interlocking steel panels are 7.5 feet long and 40″ high.  Temporarily manage foot traffic around festivals, construction sites and sporting/entertainment events. 

How Much Does Temporary Fencing Cost?

Unlike permanent fencing, temporary fencing requires no digging or drilling. It’s also easy to set up and move. These benefits make temporary fencing a cost-effective solution for on-site protection. The exact cost of our temporary fencing depends on your needs. Call us today to get a personalized quote!

Why Choose Mobile Fencing Inc.?

Mobile Fencing Inc. offers a variety of temporary fencing solutions ideal for your business, remodeling project, event venue, construction site, and other applications.

  • Fast, direct delivery
  • Quick installation, setup, and removal
  • No digging, drilling, or pavement damage
  • No sandbags needed
  • Light, durable, stackable, portable, and reusable
  • Full-service fencing set up available
  • Superb value

A Business You Can Trust

Family owned and operated, Mobile Fencing Inc. provides exceptional service at every turn. We get the job done the way you want and treat you with respect. If you’re looking for secure, versatile fencing at low cost, look no further. Contact us with questions or to request a quote.

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